We offer full grooming services.  You can schedule an appointment whether your pet is staying in the kennel or not.  Our groomers have extensive experience in both the show and pet worlds. As a result,your pet will always look like the breed it is.  However, if that is not what you want, we will be happy to consult with our groomers to get the trim and look you desire.


We usually require about 2 weeks notice for individual appointments.  Also remember, nothing is nicer than to pick up your pet after a stay in the kennel,all fresh and clean. So remember to schedule a service when you book your pet in for boarding.  In addition it saves you an extra trip out for grooming later.

All baths and groomings include Blueberry Facial Scrub, Premier Shampoo and Conditioner, nails, ear cleaning and anal glands gently expressed at no additional price.  Some sample pricing is given below.  Ultimately, prices are based on size, coat type and condition. If your pet's coat is matted to the point that we are unable to reach the skin that may result with a cut down as the only option.



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