Shot Requirements:

As with all shots please consult with your vet on appropriate time required before kenneling.  However, we require a 1 week minimum prior to day of arrival on Bordatella. We are sorry but in order to protect all the pets in our care we are not able to make exceptions.


Bordatella (Kennel Cough)

6 months
Distemper 1 - 3 years
Rabies (Must be actual certificate) 1 - 3 years


New Customer Deposit:

This is a one time deposit of $50.00 payable within 4 business days of the first reservation booked.


Senior Pets:

We are happy to care for senior pets.  We consider any animal over the age of 7 years to be a senior.  For some pets that will not seem old but for others it will be.  In order to stay the pets must be in good health and condition which includes healthy body weight/mass, stable in their movement and have the ability to be mobile without aide from the staff.  We reserve the right to turn away dogs that we feel should not stay in the kennel because of those factors.  If you aren't sure then a visit for us to see the pet before the reservation can help determine if we feel your pet is in condition to stay.  



Boarding Reservations:

48 hours prior to day of arrival to avoid a $50.00 fee.  (this includes changing to a later date of arrival)

Grooming Appointment:

48 hours prior to day of arrival to avoid charges for the full grooming fee

Early Pick up:

48 hours prior to day being changed to in order to avoid being charged for full scheduled stay



Check or Cash only and due on pick up


Personal Belongings:

You are welcome to bring any items, toys, bedding etc that you are comfortable leaving with your pet 24/7.  However we ask that you refrain from bringing in toys that are filled with soft stuffings such as peanut butter. We will make all effort to return these items to you but cannot accept responsibility if they are lost or damaged.



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