What happens if we change our pets food?

We are frequently asked about the effect of changing food or water during a pet's stay.  It seems to be a common belief that this is the cause of loose stools.  Truth is that this actually only happens in a few pets and will normally only last a day or two and then clear up.  What actually is the most common cause is just a change in environment.  You must remember that your pet is very much a creature of habit.  Your pet is used to their own place, smells, sounds etc.  When you take them to a new place (even if they are perfectly happy to be there) their body may still stress on them.  That is also why many times we do not see pets getting loose stools here at the kennel but instead it occurs when they go home.  The reason is that they have now actually changed their environment twice.  If you think about it, when you move to a new place, who takes the longest to settle in  - the family pet!


What about anxiety or stress?

We are often asked about the pets anxiety or stress while they are here.  The majority of the pets we see handle their stay here without trouble.  It  is usually the owners who are experiencing the greater stress or reactions.  Your pet feels that from you and may react to it as you bring them in.  That is why many relax as soon as their owners are out of sight.  The most anxiety we see is usually from a pet that is being put in a new environment of the first time.  This place is new to them and it will take about a day for them to relax.  By the next morning they are figuring out the routine.  Young dogs do tend to be more adaptable but older ones will settle right in once they familiarize themselves with the smells and sounds of the kennel.  Once this occurs they usually come back like it's old home week!  Remember, almost all pets will enjoy coming back to a place where they have had a pleasant experience.


Why do my pets drink a lot of water when they get home?

Water is provided to your pets 24 hours a day.  We use buckets that are over-sized for your pet.  They are filled fresh in the morning and again at the end of the day.  Levels are monitored to make sure pets are drinking.  The level is never allowed to remain under the half way mark.  However your pet may still go home and go straight away to their water dish and drink as if they had no water during their stay at the kennel.  Many times it is your pet's way of re-establishing himself in your home.  It can also be a reaction to the excitement of seeing you again and the return car trip home.  That activity can also trigger their need to drink.  So we have excitement and the need to take ownership of their property again.  You may also find them doing this same activity with their toys, beds, biscuits etc.  Most people only usually notice the water drinking.  If you do travel a bit and leave your pet at the kennel more frequently you can almost predict this behavior if you watch for it.  If it is something that concerns you we recommend that you only fill the dish half way until your pet settles in.


Why does my pet need certain shots and why do I have to provide them?

The shots we require are necessary for the safety of all pets staying at the kennel.  There are no exceptions because we cannot take the risk that even one animal could bring in a health issue that is easily avoided by vaccination.  By Pennsylvania state law all pets over the age of 6 months must  be vaccinated for rabies.  Failure to comply can result in fines to you as the owner.  Compliance with shot requirements helps to ensure that you have no worries about leaving you pets with us.

As the owner it is your responsibility to provide the kennel with the records of your pets inoculations.  You have the relationship with your vet.  These records are your confidential information on file with them.  It is not appropriate that we be able to obtain those files without your permission.  We also must deal with hundreds of pets while you only need to be concerned for your own. As a courtesy we are able to remind you that your pet will need shots during their stay.  However that still requires the you must provided them.  If you arrive without the proper documentation it just ties up everyone including yourself since we cannot take your pets in without proof in hand.  If you wish many vets are happy to fax these to the kennel.  Just take a moment and make a follow up call before you arrive to make sure the kennel received them and all is in order.


What is Bordetella/Kennel Cough and why do I have to give an innoculation every 6 months?

Bordetella or more commonly known as kennel cough, is to dogs about what the common cold is to people.  It is an upper respiratory infection which causes a dry hacking cough in your pet.  Because it is airborne it is highly contagious and will spread rapidly among dogs sharing the same environment. That is also why it got it's nickname "kennel cough".  So if your dog is very social , goes to dog walks, parks, dog shows, kennels, pet stores, training classes, grooming shops or any other place where they will have contact with other dogs it is a good safety precaution to have them inoculated for this.  Today it is very effective against most known strains, however it is known to mutate easily and there are times you pet may still get a case of it.  It is the only protection we have at this time and that is why we require it.  We also have taken it a step further and require it to be done every 6 months.  This decision was based on our personal experience with showing dogs and in consultation with our vet.  As with all vaccination we recommend that you speak to your vet about how far in advance you should give it to your pet.  The kennel requires a 1 week minimum which does not include the day of arrival before you can bring your pet in.


Why do you remove my pet's collar?

Many customers ask why we take all collars off.  This is done for the safety of your pet during their stay.  We can not be in all places at all times.  We have done our best to provided a safe and healthy environment for your pet so we feel it is one extra safety precaution we can take.  Our runs are made of chain link fencing.  It would not be impossible for a tag, ornament or buckle to catch on the fencing.  We have never had this happen and we do not want to take the chance.  Our runs are designed so this should not happen so by taking the collar off, we remove the risk.  We identify your pet during their stay by an ID card on their run.  This card has a full description of your pet.  Once a pet is put into their run it is where they will remain throughout their stay but should they ever need to be moved the ID card will accompany them.


Why don't we let dogs run together?

The main reasons are safety and health.  Our job is to make sure your pet has a safe and healthy stay while they are boarding with us.  So let us take a minute to explain why we feel this way.

Our safety concern is that we do not have  your pet with us for enough time to analyze their full behavior patterns.  There is some misconception about dogs as pack animals, but few truly know what that means.  In order to form a pack some dogs will be dominant and some will be submissive.  They will need to work that out when they come together.  In this process there could be a fight and that could lead to a potential injury.  We are not willing to take that risk for the short time your pet stays with us.

Our health concern is that if we allow the dogs to run in a communal area they will be exposing each other to potential cross contamination.  In addition, the possibility to step in or smell each other's urine or feces is a high risk. While proper immunization is required and we do all we can to insure the animals in our care are healthy upon arrival, when running pets together there is always the possibility that one dog may have bacteria that is normal for them to live with but might not be for your pet.   So by keeping them in their separate runs we are minimizing this risk the best that we can.

We feel these risks  just are not necessary when we provide wonderful private runs that are spacious and oversized. Our runs give more than enough room for plenty of exercise even for the most active dog.  If you really think your dog needs more social stimulus during his stay then we would recommend that you arrange for some playtimes with one of our staff.


Will you feed my pet's Raw Diet?

We are sorry but we do not accept or feed dogs on a Raw Diet.  The possible risk of Salmanella is not one we wish to take for our staff or the other pets in our care.


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